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Month: April, 2014

T R A V E L Z Pt 1 : Oakland

A good dear friend of mine who shot my engagement photos, wedding photos, and shares the exact same birthday as me asked if I wanted to go on a little road trip with her. The talented photographer S A R A H S H R E V E S .

Naturally, YES was my answer and so it began.

We hit the road. Here are some photos along the way.



We walked around little shops, and found a local spirit shop called The Alchemy Bottle Shop that had just opened up 2 weeks ago.

The owners were super knowledgeable and told us all about the way whiskeys were made. It was like science lab!

Shreves and I on a previous random get away decided to jump in the car and see where the traffic took us, and we ended up getting tattoos together. The tattoo is a symbol that means creation, and the place where heaven meets earth. After leaving Alchemy we saw that our tattoos matched the shop’s logo and the treasure hunt began!


The next shop had an amazing art show in the process of being set up, and  we got to grab a quick sneak peak!

back stock gallery at Oak Common


The artist was Christopher West, and he painted watercolor portraits of all the stones he collected. It was perfect.

At dinner we met a couple who told us crazy stories from their life, and then took us to the oldest piano bar The ALLEY .


After some good laughs and bad songs we were ready for San Francisco.

Stick around for T R A V E L S Pt 2: San Fancisco


I love it when I get to partner with friends and help them in their creative processes. A dear friend of mine Eric Mooney asked for me to play dress up and run around downtown LA with him. Of course I ended up in creepers on top of heavy machinery. <READ ON > Check out […]