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Month: May, 2014


sometime this last week i went out to a late showing of only lovers left alive.

i still can’t stop thinking about it.

the cinematography: perfect

dark and light

there are long shots of tilda swinton and tom hiddleston driving at night and beautiful shots of tilda walking in tangier at night (quite original seeing as mostly artists talk about the light in morocco.)

the costume/styling: leather gloves… ok just perfect

raybans hair

adam played by tom wears black gloves and eve played by tilda in white gloves and they both rock amazing everyday wear like leather jackets and ray bans. Also, the opening shot of tilda she is in this amazing vintage kimono type robe that i would murder someone for… seriously.

tilda robe

the hair: more than perfect (need tilda swinton’s hair in this film)


OK but getting back to the movie/story/point it was another amazing mood movie like marie antoinette. a movie you can have constantly playing because its always a great shot and the movie’s soundtrack is everything… really the movie is about the music. adam is this music genius and he struggles with it throughout the film.

YES its about vampires but not really… not in how a vamp film nowadays goes where they glitter and are soooo boring and not very intelligent.

tilda’s character is full of life and joy learning everything she can from books and the years she spent on the earth. my favorite scene is when she calls these mushrooms by their scientific names and talks to them like they can hear her but in such sweet young childlike way.

ok i don’t know what else to tell you to convince you its one of those great films you have to not only see but own so you can repeatedly cult like watch it.


new shopping list:

kimono vintage

ray bans :wayfarers

vintage long stem liquor glass

white gloves

ticket to morocco

and a ton of hair bleach



Sailing the LA seaz



a friend of brandon and i’s had a friend who works on teeth that owns a boat (literally a mouth full/yes pun intended).

anyway that led to b and i on a boat sailing this weekend with friends… it was awesome. 

not only did i find it incredibly relaxing to be sailing on the ocean again we also got free food!


b being a skipper or first mate or something 😉 either title he is still hot! 


i also learned a lot about braces now days and let me just inform you it is life changing for teens if they don’t know already!!!!

ok here it is: you can get star shaped braces!



annnnnnnd not only can you get star braces you can get them in GOLD! whattt!???

if i had golden star braces now i would be the coolest person alive. if i had star braces in jr high i would be a legend.




sailing was magical we saw a dolphin that freaked a girl out cause she thought it was a monster shark trying to attack the boat.

we also saw a ton of really cute seals and some pelicans that would dive into the ocean super fast.

it was a cool day and I’m thankful i got to have a saturday like this.

now go get those gold braces. 

G O O P pop up store in L A


a friend Kiley and I wanted to go check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s pop up store Goop, named after her blog.

naturally, in celebration donuts happened for breakfast.


sadly we missed meeting the lovely and perfect Gwyneth Paltrow.


G O O P shot taken from the attic type space above.

the pop up store was well lit and fresh stocked with clothing basics displayed next to simple and rustic home goods.



loved this bench displaying natural throws and pillows.


my favorite part of the store had to be the cute little kids section on the ledge above the stairs.

the section was small but it was so well curated like the entirety of the store.


downstairs had a little sitting area and some vintage silver serving ware and classy bric a brace for the home.

one of the reasons why the store was so fresh was from all the beautiful floral arrangements intermixed with the store apparel and goods.


bottom line G O O P was a really beautiful store like walking though a comfy gallery for the home.

and lets be honest all the crap Gwyneth is getting for the store being “extremely” expensive is so dumb because we shopped around the stores in that area and they had even higher price points!

seriously, i picked up a pair of designer jeans at G O O P and they were $250 ( what you will pay for designer jeans) then went next door and tried on a $500 bathing suit!

i mean i wouldn’t probably go shop at G O O P for my linen napkins (because i don’t use those haha) but it was fun to see.

i did leave feeling refreshed and with Gwyneth’s new cook book signed by her….. YES!

www. G O O P .com


I got to visit my friend Jesse who basically lives on a farm!

his 2 llamas just had a baby and the bee bee was so CUTE, all awkward and fluffy.


Jesse’s farm also has a ton of horses, a donkey, dogs, chickens, goats, and a tortoise!

A LOT of ANIMALS aka my dream zone.


Me stupid happy.



beebee goats are like puppies they just snuzzle you and follow you around.


mama llama


thanks Jesse.

i hope your leg heals up from that one time that lady hit you with her car door when you were skateboarding.

+wounds pictured above +

also, i hope you heal up from when the dad goat head butted you in the crotch while almost ripping your entire pants off.

+sadly didn’t get photographic evidence of the head butt incident +

T R A V E L Z Pt 2: San Francisco

This is the San Francisco leg of my adventure travels with Sarah Shreves.

Click here to see ➸➳➵ T R A V E L Z Pt. 1: Oakland 

Before we left left Oakland we stopped into DONUT SAVANT for a little bite of breakfast


and checked out some cute shops.



As you read in the first part of our trip we found a shop with the logo that was the same shape as our matching tattoos.

Well, we meet up with our lovely friend Emma who was letting Sarah and I crash at her place.IMG_4503

Here is a photo of beautiful cat queen Emma at the coffee shop right around the corner from her apt.

The bar we met at was called BRASS TACKS and the bar’s sign was a <> just like our tattoos !


Needless to say Sarah and I got excited snapped a pic and then settled in and enjoyed some really yummy almonds that tasted like bacon!


We ran around  the Hayes Valley area popping in & out of shops. I loved the lighting in this shop called IN BED.


That night we went out to sushi where Emma and her BF knew the crazy owner guy that gave everyone free shots of this super spicy sake! The owner was very entertaining and had us laughing the whole night!

Later we met a few of Emma’s friends and became obsessed ( in a non-creepy way) with her friend who was an alien.


Here is photographic evidence that he is a real spaceman note the lava lamp he is holding.


The next morning in SF Sarah did a quick photo shoot with Emma Duty around the neighborhood.

Here is a behind the scenes look & HERE are the photos Sarah took.


Check back for the 3rd part of the trip in Redding and BIG SUR!


Arrangementz + Allergiez


S P R I N G✿has✿S P R U N G

thus allergy attacks thus I am dosing heavy amounts of

⩉⩉⩉allergy pills ⩉⩉⩉and feeling pretty much like death.

It’s ok though because I do have allergy pills thank you 2014!!! Also, I just bought a really awesome essential oil diffuser that clears the air and makes it smell like lavender, aka calms me down from my allergen induced rage.

On a lighter note Spring and allergies have inspired me to get more creative with flowers!


Luckily M I N T grows like crazy in our back porch area and I am not allergic to it. Mint not only livens up a floral arrangement it also made my kitchen smell fresh and clean.


The green flowers mixed in are green mums, and are leftover from flowers my husband got me because they looked like Koosh Balls (he knows me too well).

 I was surprised at how long the mums lasted but they are still going strong 2 weeks later.


I am into the outdoors being indoors for Spring.