by shilohstardust

sometime this last week i went out to a late showing of only lovers left alive.

i still can’t stop thinking about it.

the cinematography: perfect

dark and light

there are long shots of tilda swinton and tom hiddleston driving at night and beautiful shots of tilda walking in tangier at night (quite original seeing as mostly artists talk about the light in morocco.)

the costume/styling: leather gloves… ok just perfect

raybans hair

adam played by tom wears black gloves and eve played by tilda in white gloves and they both rock amazing everyday wear like leather jackets and ray bans. Also, the opening shot of tilda she is in this amazing vintage kimono type robe that i would murder someone for… seriously.

tilda robe

the hair: more than perfect (need tilda swinton’s hair in this film)


OK but getting back to the movie/story/point it was another amazing mood movie like marie antoinette. a movie you can have constantly playing because its always a great shot and the movie’s soundtrack is everything… really the movie is about the music. adam is this music genius and he struggles with it throughout the film.

YES its about vampires but not really… not in how a vamp film nowadays goes where they glitter and are soooo boring and not very intelligent.

tilda’s character is full of life and joy learning everything she can from books and the years she spent on the earth. my favorite scene is when she calls these mushrooms by their scientific names and talks to them like they can hear her but in such sweet young childlike way.

ok i don’t know what else to tell you to convince you its one of those great films you have to not only see but own so you can repeatedly cult like watch it.


new shopping list:

kimono vintage

ray bans :wayfarers

vintage long stem liquor glass

white gloves

ticket to morocco

and a ton of hair bleach