by shilohstardust


a friend of mine surprised me a couple fridayz ago and i didn’t know what to expect… because it was a surprise.

so naturally i got really stressed out till the day came and i was still stressed out.

good thing this friend knows me. the surprise turned out to be great. she had got us tickets to see

takashi murakami’s first film jellyfish eyes at the ace theatre in downtown la.

BLAH ACE     ace2

the theatre was beautiful, you just have to go see it yourself obviously my really high tech iPhone 4 for some reason didn’t get those really nice high res photos it usually takes.


pretty much it is a super cute movie and if you are a fan of

japanese films, sailor moon, godzilla, pokemon,or digimon you will enjoy this film.

i automatically fell in love with the little boy in the film and his new found friend who loves to eat chee-kama (cheese-and-fish-cake sticks).

it was very much about the March 2011 earthquake and the nuclear disaster and you can sense that throughout the film.

i wouldn’t say its an amazing movie but i will say its sweet, fun, and visually entertaining… and for me for “cult” type film reasons i thought it was awesomely bad but in that great way.

so see it for yourself because a lot of people in that theatre who were very “la film type cool kids people’ kinda hated it.

ace m

my friend diane, murakami, and i

he had a cute hat with the main character Kurage-bo (Jellyfish Boy) on his head.

ahhhh so cute slash so talented as an artist so i was confused on wether to hug or just stare!

watch the trailer here: J E L L Y F I S H E Y E S