Arrangementz + Allergiez


S P R I N G✿has✿S P R U N G

thus allergy attacks thus I am dosing heavy amounts of

⩉⩉⩉allergy pills ⩉⩉⩉and feeling pretty much like death.

It’s ok though because I do have allergy pills thank you 2014!!! Also, I just bought a really awesome essential oil diffuser that clears the air and makes it smell like lavender, aka calms me down from my allergen induced rage.

On a lighter note Spring and allergies have inspired me to get more creative with flowers!


Luckily M I N T grows like crazy in our back porch area and I am not allergic to it. Mint not only livens up a floral arrangement it also made my kitchen smell fresh and clean.


The green flowers mixed in are green mums, and are leftover from flowers my husband got me because they looked like Koosh Balls (he knows me too well).

 I was surprised at how long the mums lasted but they are still going strong 2 weeks later.


I am into the outdoors being indoors for Spring.