G O O P pop up store in L A


a friend Kiley and I wanted to go check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s pop up store Goop, named after her blog.

naturally, in celebration donuts happened for breakfast.


sadly we missed meeting the lovely and perfect Gwyneth Paltrow.


G O O P shot taken from the attic type space above.

the pop up store was well lit and fresh stocked with clothing basics displayed next to simple and rustic home goods.



loved this bench displaying natural throws and pillows.


my favorite part of the store had to be the cute little kids section on the ledge above the stairs.

the section was small but it was so well curated like the entirety of the store.


downstairs had a little sitting area and some vintage silver serving ware and classy bric a brace for the home.

one of the reasons why the store was so fresh was from all the beautiful floral arrangements intermixed with the store apparel and goods.


bottom line G O O P was a really beautiful store like walking though a comfy gallery for the home.

and lets be honest all the crap Gwyneth is getting for the store being “extremely” expensive is so dumb because we shopped around the stores in that area and they had even higher price points!

seriously, i picked up a pair of designer jeans at G O O P and they were $250 ( what you will pay for designer jeans) then went next door and tried on a $500 bathing suit!

i mean i wouldn’t probably go shop at G O O P for my linen napkins (because i don’t use those haha) but it was fun to see.

i did leave feeling refreshed and with Gwyneth’s new cook book signed by her….. YES!

www. G O O P .com