Sailing the LA seaz



a friend of brandon and i’s had a friend who works on teeth that owns a boat (literally a mouth full/yes pun intended).

anyway that led to b and i on a boat sailing this weekend with friends… it was awesome. 

not only did i find it incredibly relaxing to be sailing on the ocean again we also got free food!


b being a skipper or first mate or something 😉 either title he is still hot! 


i also learned a lot about braces now days and let me just inform you it is life changing for teens if they don’t know already!!!!

ok here it is: you can get star shaped braces!



annnnnnnd not only can you get star braces you can get them in GOLD! whattt!???

if i had golden star braces now i would be the coolest person alive. if i had star braces in jr high i would be a legend.




sailing was magical we saw a dolphin that freaked a girl out cause she thought it was a monster shark trying to attack the boat.

we also saw a ton of really cute seals and some pelicans that would dive into the ocean super fast.

it was a cool day and I’m thankful i got to have a saturday like this.

now go get those gold braces.